About me

It is my conviction that a skilled external view can help you to take different perspectives and discover your personal resources. Being a qualified pedagogue, I worked many years in various teams for social institutions. Consulting and supporting employees with special needs due to a handicap in their professional life has been my focus there. Particularly fascinating with this work for me has always been the search for customized solutions for the employee as well as for the employer and the teams at the company. I define my work as enabling people to help themselves and to respect the existing structures in companies and organizations. My approach is to facilitate the development with all parties involved. This includes establishing of suitable workplaces and procedures as well as conflict management and mediation.

During my years as research assistant I worked on virtual learning. My focus had been the lifelong learning by deaf people and in this context, I was involved with developing methods based on new media. Particularly remarkable during these years was working in an interdisciplinary team of not only various professions but also constituted of deaf and hearing colleagues. Using sign language as mutual means of communication, our cooperation bore all the features of an intercultural context. Therefore, I am familiar with working in intercultural teams including all their characteristics.

I am equally concerned with the individual development of persons as with establishing appropriate structures and considering the circumstances in the organizations they work in. The processes are occurring on various levels. I would very much like to shape and customize them with you.