Coaching for deaf

Fascination for the sign language influenced my choice of career and brought me closer to the world of deaf people. Competence in sign language gained access to this world and I have been working with deaf people as clients as well as colleagues.
Until today this fascination and my interest in the culture of deaf never ceased. Having deaf friends means a lot to me.
Working with deaf people, I had to experience misunderstandings between the hearing and the deaf, which frequently occur not only due to limited communication but also based on different cultures. Strategies developed by deaf and hard of hearing people in order to communicate with hearing people are not necessarily ideal. On the contrary: sometimes these strategies are compromises not satisfactory for neither of the involved parties and may lead to health issues at worst.

Therefore, it is a concern of mine to provide deaf people with the benefits of coaching in their private as well as professional environment.
With my longstanding experience with regard to youth and life of deaf people I am able to adapt the techniques of systemic coaching specifically to the imaginary way of thinking of deaf people.
I am competent to provide the coaching process in German Sign Language (DGS) as well in Lautsprachbegleitende Gebärden (LBG).

Do you have any questions regarding coaching for deaf and hard of hearing people?
Please do not hesitate to contact me.